Funky Bunnies

Funky bunnies are not just a normal PFP but they are really rare, have a Royal funky emotion attached to them, and also you get a roadmap like no other, We are already in talks with a few developers for a Custom WEB3 merchandise store for all NFT out there, and Crypto Casino for our next phase, and you will be the ones who get the special access to all of these products at priority. We want to offer the community something more than the art and the utility, a kind of emotion.

The transparency, creators support, phased roadmap, communication, friendly community, fully revealed team, 10% of the total amount is to be kept as Reserve for the upcoming projects, all above-mentioned factors make it special. You should forget about the product but see the emotion attached to it, the utility as a whole, which gives it completeness.


The creator has been creating this art for the past 6 months and has been improving the designs since. It will make you feel cool, funky and a pop culture fan with all those crazy designs in 3d with just 3333 pieces.

The Funky Bunnies’ maximum appeal is their design with meaning and utility tech, its immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest in one go to the observer never fails to catch an eye on it.

It is always not about the art but an emotion attached to it, our creator has been in the digital 3d industry for more than 5 years, but he always wanted to achieve something of his own with utility and get into the whole new concept in art with his own efforts so that value can be added to this world and the crypto/NFT Community totally. He and his team of like-minded people who share the same vision are now together to make even the biggest rock-breaking changes in the industry. 

The other part is the story behind it: When the creator was in his teenage he was unable to buy any crypto or NFTs as he was born in a not so rich family, he struggled his way in learning everything on his own, and now he has everything that it takes to touch the sky with his thinking but without setting foot away from the ground that is down to earth thinking,  it is rightly said talent supersedes all kinds of obstacles and finally finds its way to the ultimate destination where one needs to be. Now, he wants to create a better world with his art!

Firstly, we are not against any NFT Project. We are here to listen to the community, to help them, maintain transparency, and provide them with new kinds of value with our upcoming products in phases in these 4 quarters of 2022. We want to offer the community something more than the art and the utility, a kind of emotion and a feeling like never before, a feeling of completeness.


This project has a true vision without any greed or desire, the goal is to provide the best value out of it, without any compromises to the future. Allen has a vision that inclines with the success of this project as an artist and his team is working 24×7 to support that vision especially the main controller Jazz who oversees everything. Whatever Allen draws has a meaning and craziness and something more attached to it, you will know that by seeing the art, it is not just art with the utility it is something more. 

About Allen? Allen has been a South Asia-based 3D digital artist for 5 years. He has worked for several companies and NFT Projects in India but majorly he is now a freelance artist who wishes to provide you all with value with determination. Allen is the ex artist of Atomverse project.


We will honestly and transparently speak about the strengths and weaknesses of the project. Communication, developer friendliness with the community, listening to feedback, utility execution and implementation, vision, that feeling of something more, that extra to the ordinary are the strengths of this project. Weaknesses are that we are still on the starting phase with a lot to learn at every step, we are still learning, and will never stop learning and adapting, getting motivated, we will never give up, because the growth of our community, of every individual member, is our priority, we just need the support of the public, we need everyone’s support to make this a success to achieve that we will have to win the trust and loyalty.

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