Funky Bunnies Whitepaper 1.0

FUNKY BUNNIES are a new kind of art and a fancy playground from Asia-based artist studio AllenxRoot. Built around an initial drop of 3333 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, the project unites cuteness with that punky appearance and the community sets them up as the next generation’s trends, with utility which is deemed to become a WEB3 Innovation Brand. it is not just an art, it is something more!

Thousand years into the future. FUNKY BUNNIES spin-off in 3333 gang, distinct but familiar. Bunnies entered the town of punks while exploring the Metaverse and suddenly everything changed, it was the evolution of a whole new kind, Every Bunny is unique. Every Bunny is beautiful. Every Bunny is loved, and every Bunny is family, whatever their differences with punks.

Nothing is impossible when you get inspired therefore Funky Bunnies are ready to take on the Metaverse with full power in their own style and a much bigger destiny.

The Funky Bunnies brand seeks to accomplish WEB3 Innovation in the NFT Community and real world utility, a robust roadmap, and exciting features into one cohesive universe. Leveraging an extensive network of people and partnerships, and fully realising the potential of blockchain, Funky Bunnies are positioned to be a first mover in the collectable NFT, WEB3 Innovation, and WEB3 markets.

We aim to add value to the WEB3 Space and lifestyle that will change everything for the future generations, in view of these goals, Funky Bunnies will roll a Ecosystem that will have interconnected features, with countless opportunities to connect, engage and grow everything.

There are many earning opportunities in the upcoming phases that include:

  1. Upcoming Crypto Casino in 1 month
  2. Bunny Token with burn mechanics (Releasing in  Q1 2023)



The upcoming store will feature one of its kinds drag and drop custom merchandise builder. The user will just upload their NFT and then they can select the merchandise customised from scratch with their NFT, merchandise might include mugs, T-shirts, keychains, headphones etc. Holders will get early access and Discounts. This will be the first mover in the WEB3 Industry.


The upcoming Crypto Casino will be powered by the provably fair technology. The user will be able to play all the games using real world crypto and earn in real time. Games like Baccarat · Blackjack · Craps · Roulette · Poker · Big Six wheel · Pool, and many others will be included. Users will be able to withdraw to their wallets once they reach certain thresholds in their accounts.


The upcoming WEB3 Innovation Platforms will be powered by wallet sign-ins, the coaching platform will enable us to educate the community even with certificate courses, and state of the art on-the-go online education.



BUNNY token will be a BEP-20 token. It is the primary reward incentive for staking NFTs, and will be the first token that people can earn. This token will have limited supply and will be used for a variety of activities such as:

  1. To be used as a reward for long term NFT Holders
  2. To be integrated in the WEB3 innovation platforms

BUNNY will be awarded to the long term holders with early access programs. Limited supply and whale less mechanism will ensure stability and holding TOKENOMICS incentives. It will have a Maximum Supply of 100 Billion and BUNNY holders will be able to participate in special programs and contests throughout.


Custom chat and consultation support will be provided to all the holders for transparency, communication and holder support. We are ready to help and serve you! We know that every big brand lacks this, but the satisfaction of the holders is our top priority.



Through mindfully executed NFT, features, tokenomics and token mechanics, Funky Bunnies will produce a deep ecosystem and robust economy that empowers holders with big opportunities and a rewarding mechanism.
Each Funky Bunny will empower holders within our ecosystem with a host of pathways to earn through the sale of bunnies, floor mechanisms and much more.

Binance Smart Chain Token

To provide a quality frictionless and near gasless experience for our holders, we will partner with Binance Smart Chain’s developers to ensure that the backbone of our infrastructure is efficient, cost effective and feature intense for our users.

BSC will provide the Funky Bunnies team full room to expand and develop our own ecosystem while staying on the leading edge of blockchain technology and work hand in hand to grow an ecosystem dedicated to the future of blockchain projects.


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